Is Modulus back in business?

Yes. The company is again named Modulus® Graphite, LLC, a tip of the cap to the original days of innovation.  We are dedicated to bringing Modulus back as an American made boutique bass company, and ensuring the level of quality that you have come to know and trust when purchasing a Modulus instrument.

Who is building these basses?

Joe Perman is the lead designer / master builder. Joe is a 30 year veteran at Modulus, and is overseeing all aspects of current production; up to and including final assembly.

What is the current production number of basses?

Current production numbers are 2-4 instruments per month. Each Modulus instrument is hand made to order. We are putting a great deal of time, energy, and resources into research and development to continue to advance the Modulus line.  Production numbers will increase as the company continues to take shape.

Where can I order or purchase a Modulus?

At this time, Planet Bass is the only authorized distributor for new Modulus basses. With production numbers at 2-4 instruments per month, it's the most cost effective way to get Modulus instruments back into the hands of musicians who desire them. We are taking orders for basses, but this is on a first come, first served basis. For price information or to order your Modulus Bass Guitar, contact Planet Bass by email at

Can I Order A Neck Only From Modulus?

The short answer is no. The long answer is this: Going forward, there are currently no plans to manufacture neck only orders.  A Modulus is the experience of an entire instrument.  It is not only an aerospace grade carbon fiber neck, it's the wood selection for the body, the form and shape of the body, the pickups, the electronics, the hardware, the finish, and the setup, that contribute to the feel and tone that make a bass a Modulus.  A neck only order increases the likelihood that the neck will be fastened to a body that does not represent the true level of design and craftsmanship that go into building a Modulus.  It could also be bolted to a body shaped different than a true Modulus offering which in turn creates brand confusion.  And at the end of the day, that has a negative impact on the Modulus brand.  Modulus basses are not cheap, but it is our belief that our basses represent some of the finest instruments on the planet and that they are worth the investment.

I Have A Question About My Modulus Instrument?

Feel free to submit your question to us.  Keep in mind that Modulus has been building instruments for nearly 4 decades.  Varying levels of records were kept regarding serial numbers and specs.  We may ask you to supply pics of your instrument.  Please have pictures of your instrument and serial number available when inquiring for information.  It may take a little time for us to respond to your question, but we will do so as soon as we are able to provide a thorough answer.

How Old Is My Modulus?

The first two digits in a Modulus serial number give you the year that the neck and instrument body were built.  For example, an instrument with a serial number 96XXXX was built in 1996.  A bass with a serial number 00XXXX was built in 2000.  The XXXX sequence started over every year.  For 2015 and beyond, and because Modulus is currently only building 2-4 basses per month, one digit has been dropped from the Modulus serial number.  The serial number sequence will increase by one for each bass made, and it will no longer start over each year.  This will be the case all the way up to instrument XX999.  After instrument XX999, another digit will be added to the serial number for basses 1000 and beyond.