The Quantum Bass 

With an aerospace-grade carbon fiber neck, Quantum basses have tremendous presence in the mix.  Pristine highs, growling mids, and lows that rattle your innards are included as a standard offering in every Modulus Quantum built.  This bass delivers an even response on every string up and down the entire fingerboard with a solid fundamental pitch focus. You want unwavering neck stability with unmatched dynamic range?  It's in there.  Your Modulus instrument will deliver this unmatched level of stability and performance for decades to come.

The distinctively spacey exterior layer of carbon fiber on the Quantum neck, known around the shop as KLD, or ”a thousand (k) ladies dancing“, has been an artistic Modulus trademark for over 25 years.

Modulus craftsmanship is another industry benchmark. The fit and finish of every component is as near perfect as possible. We carefully test and match every electronics option to the instrument, so you can feel confident that whichever you choose, it will give you exceptional tone and trouble-free performance.